Se algún día puidese

ser escuma de mar a miña voz

devalarían os latexos para bicarche o ouvido,

tremería a brancura

até o fin de cada terra contigo,

voaría este alento

entre o sal e o fulgor.


Coma se a punta das ondas

nesta punta do mundo 

chegase exactamente

ao teu extremo amor.


“Bela Fisterra”. Yolanda Castaño

If one day I could
be sea foam my voice
the heartbeats would decrease to kiss your ear,
it would shake the whiteness
until the end of each earth with you,
this breath would fly
between the salt and the glow.


As if the tip of the waves
in this point of the world
come exactly
to your extreme love.


“Bela Fisterra”. Yolanda Castaño

Yolanda Castaño


Yolanda Castaño (Santiago de Compostela, 1977) graduated in Hispanic Philology at the University of La Coruña, where she has lived since the 90’s.


Being just seventeen years old, he won the Fermín Bouza Brey de Poesí Prize, which allowed him to make himself known with the publication of “Elevate as Pálpebras” (1995). From that moment began a meteoric career that led her to publish some of the most outstanding titles of the Galician lyric of the last decades, such as “Vivimos no ciclo das erofanía” (1998) – Premio Johán Carballeira e Premio da Crítica Española- , Profundidade de campo (2007) – Premio Espiral Maior – or “A segunda lingua” (2014) – Prize for Poetry Afundación.


General Secretary of the Association of Writers in Lingua Galega (AELG) and director of the same for years, his intense work as a lecturer, reciter and writer makes it an invaluable ambassador of literature and culture of Galicia, which has represented in various forums all over the world from Argentina and other Latin American countries, such as Venezuela, Peru, Colombia or Nicaragua.


Screenwriter and television presenter, curator of samples of Art and Poetry, child and youth author, translator and essayist, her writing has been poured into a score of languages.


For more than a decade he has directed the Poetas Di (n) versos cycle in La Coruña, a monthly forum in which Galician creators from all over the world recite their texts. Along the same lines, he also coordinates an International Workshop on Poetic Translation that is held every Autumn in the iconic Illa de San Simón (Redondela), near Vigo, an event in which authors from the most varied origins and continents have participated.


In the last year he worked intensely in projects in which poetry (own and not alone) hybrid with other arts, such as plastic arts, music, performance, dance, architecture, audiovisual or even gastronomy. Interesting publications such as the book-cd “Edénica” (2000) or his collaboration as a lyricist for musicians such as Guadi Galego and Rosa Cedrón have been born of this interartic fusion.

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